Kayak Paddles

Kayak paddles come in all shapes and sizes shorter stubby models and designs from BIC and RTM Kayak brand for fast acceleration and quicker turning in the waves for added manoeuvrability through to longer and more elongated designs for cruising kayaks where less drag and light weight is important to reach higher paddling speeds.

H20 Sports expert staff have approved nearly all our kayak paddles to ensure they are collected or delivered free in the uk hassle free. At H20 Sports we only sell our kayaks paddles and canoe paddles and other accessories from the best known brands in watersports gear. Look out for brilliant designs from: Bic, RTM and Tek – to name just a few!

Our extensive range of kayak paddles come in designs for transportation. H20 Sports offers two part and four part collapsible kayak and canoe paddles to suit either inflatable kayaks or rigid ones depending on your needs.

Choose from our Buy kayak paddles and canoe paddles and kayak Accessories | H20 Sports to keep you on top of your game. Browse our site or give us the kayak paddle experts a call for current kayak paddle offers.

Not sure which of our kayak paddles and canoe paddles are right for you? Come in to our Poole store for a chat, or give us a call, and we can help you find the kayak paddles and canoe paddles for your needs.

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Kayak Paddles

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