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Kitesurf Buying Guide

Kitesurfing buying guides from H20 Sports. Which kitesurfing kite is right for you now and will still be right for you in the future? The difference between kites, Bars and Boards... Future proofing your kitesurfing kite purchase from our leading brands (North Kites, Cabrinha, F-One kites) Read on in our complete kitesurfing guide to find all the answers you need... Fast and easy! 

Kitesurfing Kites - Generally our wind in the UK is as varied as anywhere ! And given that the majority of customers want to have the fewest kites and get on the water kitesurfing the most... Wind range is key to making the right choice. There is little in the kitesurfing market these days that isn't safe, doesn't relaunch well and has a good amount of wind range. So whats the differences you ask! Lets break it down by looking at Kite struts, Kite Design - Price, build quality and variety of use!

Kite Struts... The more struts a kite has, means the more structure, stability and wind range a kite will have! Take the North Rebel kitesurfing kite 2018, a Five strut kite and still to this day the industry leading kite with the most wind range... But Five struts also means it has a bit more weight to the kite than a kite with less struts and five strut kitesurfing kites are also more expensive to make... But to cover the most amount of wind range with the fewest kites - five strut kites like the North Rebel or Cabrinha Switchblade is your answer.  A 9Mtr and 12mtr quiver for the typical twin tip rider is the winning choice again and again... But customers looking for a bit more variety, or reaching different aspects of the exciting kitesurfing sports like wave riding, foiling or strapless riding may require a more forgiving and versatile kites that the rigid five strut kites like the North Rebel or Cabrinha Switchblade don't offer... Or again simply don't have the budget... Three strut kites like the North Evo, F-One Bandit or Cabrinha Drifter offer a smoother pull, lighter weight, more versatile construction method making them more the jack of all trades and appealing to a wide variety of aspiring kitesurfer looking for variety and a bit lighter on the wallet! Many brands now offer a single strut competitively priced kite that doubles up as a beginner kite / foiling kite like the North Mono kite. Great to learn with, super smooth pull but a quick learner on a twin tip will grow out of it sooner than that of there three or five strut cousins. as it lacks performance in the lift / jumping area's... But would return to it for foiling or strapless wave riding... 

Kite Designs... Typically designs have now settled down and visually most leading brands look similar on paper... Hybrid style kites with thiner tips offering great performance and wind range... The designs to avoid are the C-Shape kites as these are typically designed for squeezing every inch of performance out of a given size regarding lift, pull and hang time... Sacrificing wind range for the user, these kites are reserver for the pro's happy to have many kites, with small wind ranges allowing ultimate performance for competitions... These kites are also very responsive like performance cars - giving the user less time for reactions, corrections etc...

Build Quality... Like closing the door on an expensive sports car compared to your old run around from university! And some! Buy cheap... And you'll typical buy twice! From the quality of the material - Our leading brands like North kites use the industry leading material to begin with like Trinity TX - it's the lightest, most durable and stiffest material to currently make kites from - Stitching, glueing, heat welding and overlapping the seams to ensure perfection is simply the start of it! Leading brands we stock like Cabrinha have their own factories and inflate each kite and check over fifty points before each kite is signed off by two workers! Ensuring when you get it out the bag - it's like Christmas each time! Our leading brands have got us and you covered if things go wrong (They rarely do!) but two year warranties, replacement bladders are there and fitted in days not weeks or sometimes months!

Kite bars... Hand on heart, we can only really recommend the authorised brand manufactured bar to use with their kites... They are designed, tested and tuned and are meant to be together... Buying a cabrinha Kite - Choose there bar! Like wise with North - Grab a North Trust Bar or click bar to fly their kites! Its safe, easy and the kites will fly right out the bag with not tuning required! With North kites, the North trust bar with there Freeride (smaller) chicken loop is the best solution for the most hooked in control and throw of the bard for sheeting in and out! Cabrinha, grab the quick loop and get riding...

Kitesurfing Boards... Twin tips are still the go to kitesurfing board, easiest to master, quickest to learn on and the fastest route to getting air time! The north Gonzales is a great package board to get you going, but if the budget allows, spend a bit more and upgrade to the North X-Ride - its designed to be a hot knife throw butter and makes riding in chop on the south coast a piece of cake... Flex tips and a sturdy middle means you'll carry more speed and have the smoothest ride on the planet! More customers are heading straight to the waves and our new packages with surfboards reflects this... A trickier but rewarding learning curve and the fastest way to get shredding in the surf!

H20 sports have made life easy and hand picked the best packages from the leading kitesurfing brands...  With huge savings you can purchase the best kite or quiver of kites with our 0% finance cheaper than going a club or renting! Use our kitesurfing style filter to choose your aspirational aspect of kiting and the most suited kite for your individual needs. 

We're open in our Poole Kitesurfing store at 91 Salterns road, Poole Dorset, BH14 8BL seven days a week! Pop in, give us a call and chat to the kitesurfing experts that specialise in North Kites, Cabrinha Kites and F-One kiteboarding gear.

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