Kitesurf Bars

Choose from a range of kite bars from every kite surfing brand. Kitesurfing control bars available online from brands North, Best, Ozone, Naish, F-One, Cabrinha and more. Find out about our kitesurfing control bar offers online or in store.

Kite surfing Bars construction has undergone radical changes to allow for better safety systems and the durable designs as possible. The North 5th Element Trust kite surfing control bar 2015 is a great example of today’s top end designs – a flag ship kite surfing Bar from the recognised watersports brand North. It’s one of the favourites on the market today!

At H20 Sports, we stock a range of kite surfing Bars to match every Watersports needs, providing huge stock across all kite surfing brands giving our customers a huge selection of kite Bars.

We have many different brands of kite bars from four line quad kitesurfing bars to 5th line kite control bars for our ever changing conditions. Whatever your situation, we’ll have an affordable and high-quality kite bar to add to any kitesurfing kite.

Look and feel like a pro, when you choose from our extensive selection of top of the range Kite bars boards. We’ve got kite bars for everyone – we stock them all!

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Kitesurf Bars

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