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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards, Inflatable Paddle Boards Or ISUPS's is a relative new sport that in the past three years has grown massively in popularity. Its simplicity is why it’s grown so fast, a board and paddle is all that you need. Inflatable Paddle Boards Fit in the boot of your car and take up nearly no storage space and can be inflated in minutes to resemble the Rigid Boards as closely in look, feel and performance as possible!

At H20 Sports, we stock a range of Inflatable Paddle Boards and Inflatable SUP's or ISUP'S to suit every style of riding , whether its wave, touring or a great all-rounder. Whatever your experience, we’ll have an affordable and high-quality Inflatable PAddle Board for you.

Look and feel like a pro, when you choose from our extensive range of top quality Inflatable Paddle Boards . We’ve got a paddle board to suit everyone: wave sups , race touring sups, inflatable sups– we stock them all!

We only work with the best known brands in the business, stocking a huge selection of the latest sups from names you can trust. Names like: Fanatic, Red Paddle Co, Bic, JP Australia, O'Shea and RRD. Our team of professional riders and staff try and test all our products to give you the best advice.

Have any questions while choosing which boards right for you? Or need advice on where to ride? Give us a call and we’ll talk you through the all the options, let us help you choose which sup will be best for your needs.

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SUP Boards Inflatable Models

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