Wakeboarding, WaterSkiing Tuition

wakeboarding lessons, tuition and Hire in Poole Harbour with H20 Sports. Included in the price of your wakeboarding lesson and tuition is all the equipment you'll need including wetsuit and buoyancy Aid. we only teach small groups ensuring personal tuition and fast learning.

Poole harbour is the perfect place to learn to wakeboard and hire wake equipment. Poole harbour is safe, and shallow making it perfect place for learning to wakeboard and water ski. To learn to wakeboard and water ski with H20 Sports you need to make a booking on line or in store. Poole harbour is the perfect place to learn wakeboarding with H20 Sports fully qualified instructors. To rent or hire wakeboard gear from H20 Sports you’ll need to have completed our beginner course to have the basic understanding of wakeboarding.

Thinking of being a regular of want to save some money, choose our ten hour hire card and use it whenever you want... Windsurfing Hire and supervised windsurfing rentals in Poole Harbour with H20 Sports. Renting a windsurf board in Poole harbour is simple book on line, phone or pop into our shop and rock up and it will be ready for whatever time you need it down Poole Harbour.

Windsurf rentals from H20 Sports are charged at £10 per hour and include everything you need. Alternatively you can purchase a ten hour hire card from H20 Sports to rent windsurf gear in Poole harbour and use it for windsurfing rentals at your leisure

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Wakeboarding, WaterSkiing Tuition

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