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Hamworthy Park

Huge sailing area perfect for freeride and slalom. The car park is very small but free all year round, there's plenty of room to rig up on the grass. Launch from the strip of sandy beach and you can keep on going for 2km if you feel the need before you have to turn around. Watch out for strong tidal currents running through the, shipping channel marked by red an green buoys, espcially when the tide is going out as you can be dragged down towards the ferry terminals.


Huge flat water sailing area perfect for speed, slalom, freestyle and freeriding. There are several places to park and launch from alongside the harbour, generally pay and display with somewhere grassy to rig. For the first few 100 metres the water is shallow and sandy underfoot. The prevailing wind from the south west accelerates over the stone bank of Chesil beach, on over the road and out into the harbour, which makes for very flat water, but you have to be careful to go too far out if you're not confident in your upwind abilities. Jump off early and walk back before it gets too deep if in doubt.

Baiter Park

Good for freeride or slalom. Pay and display car park is surrounded by plenty of grass for rigging up.

Evening Hill / Whitley Late

Large expanse of shallow water with a sandy bottom, perfect for learning and improving or just blasting about. Can get very choppy especially close in near Evening Hill, much smoother at low tide. Parking is on the roadside and is pay and display. Some patches of grass to rig up on here and there.


Large sandy beach, launch into the sea for bump and jump or easy waves. Further out and to the right is Hook sands which can sometimes set up some fun waves, espcially in a southerly. Most people park in the western most corner of the car park, rig up there then carry kit through to the beach. Stay well clear of the shipping channel and harbour entrance to the very far right which can have very strong tidal currents and a lot of traffic.

Branksome Dene Chine

Good for bump and jump and sometimes waves. Pay and display car park, rig up in the car park and carry your kit a few steps down to the beach. Keep an eye on the groynes, if there is reasonable surf then the cross shore current can sweep you along onto them if you're not careful.


One of the best wave spots on the south coast. Free in the winter, pay to park in the summer. The launch area is a narrow concrete slipway on the left of the bay. In winter you can park near it, in summer you'll have to park further up and carry your kit down to the grassy area to rig up. Generally small easy waves with mirror flat water in between in the bay, out to the left of the bay streches an area called the ledges. The waves here are more powerful, try not to get caught under the cliffs as there is a large wind shadow. The rock ledge called 'The Bench' jutting out from the point on the far right of the bay produces the powerful quite steep wave kimmeridge is most famous for.



Wave sailing without the shore break. The waves at avon break further out on the sandbars in the bay. Great place to get into wave sailing.

Bramblebush Bay

On the quiet side of Poole harbour. If you want to sail in the harbour but evening hill is too crowded, this is great place. Generally shallow water, lots of space and one of the only places you can sail in the harbour when the wind is N or NE.


Good wavesailing beach in south west or south easterly.


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