Windsurfing Booms

At H2O Sports we offer a large select of Windsurfing Booms to suit every style of sailing and budget. From North, Chinook, Neil Pryde windsurfing and pro limit.

When choosing a boom the most important thing to get right is the sizing. You want to make sure that your new boom will fit the greatest number of your sails you own. Generally windsurfing booms have 50-60cm of adjustment, so a Simmer Boom 140-200 will fit any windsurfing sail from 4m to a 6.5m.

Brands like North with its very popular North Silver boom will only offer a smaller range of adjustment of 50cm. This is to increase the stiffness and strength of the boom when it’s at its longest point of adjustment. Most booms now like our Chinook Pro 1 Alloy offer a reduced diameter grip for ease of handling, these 29mm booms feel much more comfortable than an older 32mm tube.

The majority of our booms are an alloy construction, but for an extra weigh saving and stiffness you can buy booms that are made from Carbon, like the Chinook Carbon Windsurfing Boom & The North Platinum series Windsurfing Boom Call us to get the best advice when making your choice, whether it’s a North, Chinook or Simmer H2O sports can help you get it right!

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Windsurfing Booms

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