Windsurfing Packages

H20 Sports Stock windsurfing packages from all the major windsurfing brands to include Fanatic, RRD, Simmer, Naish and JP. Your first windsurfing purchase is certain to be a package of some description. Be it a complete windsurfing rig on it's own like the Fanatic Ride Rig.

Fanatic and RRD are two brands that offer heavily discounted entry packages. To the point where they are nearly giving you the Rig for free. Have a look at our bestselling beginner package the Fanatic Viper.

H2O Sports want to tailor a package for your sailing needs, getting the right sail, mast and boom. We can offer an of the shelve package by North, Simmer RRD or Naish Sails, but there’s a strong chance that the mast won’t be actually want you wanted, so let us get it right for you. Do you want a North S Type with a Chinook Boom and North Silver Mast, well we can do just that. Be assured we will offer you a great discount on your purchase.

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Windsurfing Packages

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