Fixi Bikes

H20 Sports Fixi Bikes from leading brands like Mango Bikes and Create Bikes... Fix wheeled bike designs have come on a long way and recently hit the lime lights as the most fashionable way to get around town. Fixi Bikes history is with London curriers, the fixed gear, narrow handle bars allows you to fit through small spaces and cruise around at your leisure!

A true Fixi bike will have no gears, using a cog to cog system which is fixed to the rear wheel allowing it to be used for both acceleration and breaking. Allowing the bike frame to be free of any cables, breaks etc if you’re brave.

Choose your model of Bike from Create Bikes and Mango Bikes, including any of our associated products for a total price, then apply for finance for the simplest and quickest way to get your affordable bike

Our huge selection of modern day fixi bikes (Fixed wheeled) bikes generally have a dual setting on the rear wheel hub allowing them to be set to “free Wheel” or “Fixed Wheel” and all come supplies with front a rear breaks for safety (We always recommend safety over fashion!)

Some of our higher end Fix wheels bikes also have a gear system in the hub allowing gear ratio’s – Not everyone lives near the flat beach! Buy on line for a fast professional delivery with H20 Sports Trust us, we love Bikes and we'll deliver you our promise, hassle free Biking direct to your door.

Have any questions while choosing which Bike will be perfect for you? Or need advice on where to start? Give us a call and we’ll talk you through the all the options, let us help you choose which bike plus any extras will be best for your needs.

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Fixi Bikes

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