Fanatic ISUP SALE 15% Off (While Stocks Last) Save 15% of any Fanatic ISUP Board or Package (Excluding Fanatic Pockets)

Posted on: 18 Jun

Red Paddle Co Free Bundles worth £146 with every Red Paddle Board Package...

Posted on: 18 Jun

Fanatic Fly Air Inflatable Paddleboards... Here at H20 Sports we love them! Two colours, three sizes in the round nose shape (Two in the Touring Models – see the Ray Air) The construction is top notch providing a stable, sturdy rigid feeling board that is very light weight to handle on and off the water and very, very competitively priced… Why are they so good! Read on...

Posted on: 30 Apr

Frequently Asked Paddleboard Questions... You name it we've answered it... Email us if there is something we've missed and we'll get back to you straight away...

Posted on: 07 Apr

We’ve sadly had to postponed due to lack of wind… We’ve been watching the forecast closely and its gone from bad to worse… There is literally no wind at all forecast and with the dense cloud cover and low temperature, no chance of a sea breeze… So from chatting to the team, our riders and the Brand Managers, we’ve made the decision to postpone the day and we’re just working through some new dates and checking tides and availability and will report back after the bank holiday weekend… We’ll update you all first and give you preference on any time you like for the day ahead of announcing it publicly… Once again so sorry for the inconvenience but sadly our world relies on wind…

Posted on: 01 Apr

F-ONE Strike V2 2022... Hot topic and hot off the press...

Posted on: 14 Jan

This year again we’ve taken the decision to close between Christmas and New Year and re-open on 4th January.

Posted on: 21 Dec

O'Shea has over 40 years of experience in board design & manufacture, so we have put together a little video for you explaining the finer details of the Awesome 2021 O'Shea inflatable Paddleboard Range... Enjoy!

Posted on: 10 Jun

Our Friends at Red Paddle Co have put together a great a great SUP safety guide to help keep you safe in your new playground. Check out the 10 Golden rules of water safety.

Posted on: 05 May

People ask all the time - which board do I need and which foil should I choose? Generally it always depends on your experience, your skills, your size, the conditions and your ambitions. This Feature should help you FINDING the right gear to get started and to progress quickly.

Posted on: 29 Apr

Re Opening April 12th Take Three (Fingers' crossed the final re opening!)

Posted on: 10 Apr

Purchasing your first Paddle Board? The All Round designs (short and wide) outsell Touring boards (long and narrow) by at least two to one. No problem, but we actually think that so-called touring boards could be a better choice for a lot of our recreational paddlers. Why?....

Posted on: 04 Apr

The brand ambassador himself, Russell Farrington talks with H2O Sports about everything you need to know about the F-One's new and exciting Wing Foiling range

Posted on: 31 Mar

The rebirth of one of the most iconic wave sails ever! Crisp and direct the new super star works on single- and multi fin wave boards and even for freewave jumping conditions.

Posted on: 23 Mar

Olympic Windsurfing Legend and all round waterman Nick Dempsey talks us through the action packed, fast pace world of Wing Foiling…

Posted on: 11 Mar

Pre-order your 2021 Fanatic Paddle Board Now! Deposits from only £75 & then pay the remaining balance on your chosen month of delivery. Want it • Get it • Ride it

Posted on: 09 Feb

Lockdown 3.0... Jan 2021... Open Online Only

Posted on: 04 Jan

What a crazy year… But if you’re reading this, we got through it… And so did you!

Posted on: 15 Dec

Re Opening.. Take 2... We’re partially re opening our store, but it’s not business as usual… We’ll be allowing one household at a time to visit between 10-4pm (seven days a week)

Posted on: 03 Dec

In line with the Government advice we will be returning to an online business only until further notice…

Posted on: 05 Nov

Get "RED"ey to Pre Order your brand new 2021 Red Paddle board... Due to such a high demand carrying on from the summer, we have a limited number of Red Paddle boards available between now and the end of the year available to pre order for delivery windows in November and December...

Posted on: 21 Oct

Stronger Lighter Superior... Lets break it down... Since 2001, we have made it our mission to make the best kiteboarding equipment to guarantee that every single one of your sessions is the best. We created many groundbreaking innovations like the Click Bar, Textreme Technologies and Trinity TX. Now it’s the time for SLS.

Posted on: 17 Oct

We're open IN-STORE and ON-LINE seven days a week from 10am - 4pm... Our store is partially open with the front of the shop available for servicing our lovely customers (Socially distancing while we're waring face coverings) We're following and adhering to the Governments guidance… And look forward to hearing from you.

Posted on: 13 Jun

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