NEW OFFER 0% Finance 36 Months 1% Deposit


Our best Finance offer is back! 0% Finance over a whopping 36 Months with only a 1% Deposit! There is never been a better to to buy with Finance!

Posted on: 15 Feb

Beanie or balaclavas... We’re not talking about robbing a bank! It’s all in aid of losing less heat from your head - especially if you're thinning on top like me! It can make the difference between a cold session or a VERY cold session!

Posted on: 09 Feb

The Duotone Click Bar 2019... To click or not to click... We'd say CLICK! It's been proven, tested and refined over the past years - Bringing to you the latest advances in Kite control bar technology.

Posted on: 08 Feb

Gloves…. A necessary evil for this time of year! We have yet to find a customer that enjoys wearing them! But you can make the experience slightly less painful (Wrist crampy) by choosing the correct glove for your sport!

Posted on: 30 Jan

Tis that time of year again were we eat & drink a little to much and get to play with our new toys... So please see our opening times over the festive period.

Posted on: 12 Dec

To Fireball or not to Fireball?... The H20 Team have put together a page with all the Cabrinha bar technology information you'll need to know to hopefully answer the question...

Posted on: 11 Dec

With Black Friday round the corner, take advantage of our exclusive and ONLY early bird Finance lead offer!

Posted on: 06 Nov

The Fusion of Durability and Lightness

Posted on: 15 Oct

0% Finance over 36 Months with only a 1% Deposit

Posted on: 13 Sep

That's right, the Fanatic Premium Airs are on offer at an amazing £899 and come with a free 15% carbon paddle, dry bag and leash, only at H2O Sports!

Posted on: 09 Aug

Red Paddle Co and Fanatic are the market leaders when it comes to Paddleboards. There is a reason why they are expensive and that is because of their superior quality! Here is a breakdown why….

Posted on: 13 Jul

DUOTONE... The new re branding of North. Exciting time ahead as the Boards and More group break their chains from North branding... Same Designers, Team, Factory, Models gear, store and workmanship... Different logo!

Posted on: 10 Jul

0% Finance over 36 Months now available* H20 Sports are leading the way again! This ground breaking leap in 0% Finance, get's you the toys of your dreams right now! For not a penny more! Pay for them over 36 Months! Want it, Ride it, Get it - With H20 Sports

Posted on: 21 Jul

Inflatable or rigid paddle boards?

Posted on: 21 Jul

Planning a Road Trip... H20 Team Riders Darryl And Claire take you through their Hebridean Adventure...

Posted on: 30 Jun

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