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Paddle, Surf, Yoga or even Windsurf these awesome ladies own boards

Posted on: 09 Jan

Christmas Opening Times & Last Shipping Dates 2019

Posted on: 14 Dec

2020 Kit Demo Event... Saturday 28th September 2019. Branksome Dene Chine. Poole 10am-4pm.Location Change Windsurfing and Foil Winging will re locate at Poole Harbour. Near the top Sandbanks car park. Kiting will hold untill the tide drops then take place in the harbour from the kite beach area. Any issues call the shop 01202 733744

Posted on: 13 Aug

It's all about the girls... Some shiny new ISUP's designed and aimed at ladies... With nearly 50% of our customers being female, it's about time we saw some genuine products designed for them... We've now rolled back the prices of the popular 9'8 Diamond Air Inflatable paddle board! Save nearly £200 with a Free 15% Carbon paddle and leash! Now only £639

Posted on: 04 Jul

H20 / Fanatic / Duotone Demo Event - July 19th & 20th 2019... Join us Friday 19th of July at Coast (next to our shop) for Food and Drinks while the Pro's take us all through the new world of foiling. Clear your head the next day with our on water demo. We'll have a everything from Fanatic SUP, Windsurf and Duotone Wing Foils to play with. No wind - No problems - we've got boats to practice and test the foils too!

Posted on: 26 Jun

Synch Electric Bikes, road legal electric bikes with a range of up to 50 miles which arrive designed, assembled all from the UK and come with a 2 year frame and forks warranty and 1 year motor and electronics warranty. H20 Sports Sells and also hires these bikes from our Poole Store... The perfect way to get to the beach in style this summer!

Posted on: 04 Jun

The New Duotone FOIL WING... A sport thats been in the shadows has now lifted to a new level... The Duotone Foil Wing will power your SUP foiling or Prone Foiling to a new aspiration level both on flat water and riding the oceans swell!

Posted on: 29 May

The plan for the week is to combine on water testing across the whole range of their products with informative presentations undertaken by the main designers, testers, pro riders and marketing people – giving us the best and unrivalled knowledge to head home with and pass on to our staff and customers… For us it’s the dream trip! Rubbing shoulder and sailing (and a bit of drinking) with the gods of our sports!

Posted on: 10 Apr

The short version! Get an inflatable SUP… Unless.... Your looking for more performance in the waves or getting into serious racing... Or size and trans-portability makes no difference for you...

Posted on: 10 Apr

Small kites - if like us you’ve used nothing bigger than a 7mtr for a while! Have you got the right kite for your riding? Duotone unravelled… The main features of each kite explained… And the benefits of each…

Posted on: 14 Mar

The Call was made and the Red Bull Storm Chaser Windsurfing competition was set into action! Eight contenders (Or Gladiators!) from around the world (Adam Lewis, Jaeger Stone, Thomas Traversa, Dany Bruch, Robby Swift, Philip Köster, Leon Jamaer and Ricardo Campello) Descended on Ireland based on the ultimate storm forecast! And it didn't disappoint!

Posted on: 14 Mar

The Mono is back… And now comes in the new sort after Dark Grey colour! Completely redesigned and reinvented for 2019… The New Duotone Mono is LIGHT, SIMPLE and DEVASTATINGLY GOOD!

Posted on: 13 Mar

Working with Fanatic international paddle boarding, we've managed to secure a deal on a new pricing structure for 2019... Together we've not only rolled back pricing to 2016, creating a huge saving...

Posted on: 06 Mar

The Cribbar came to life last weekend!

Posted on: 06 Mar

Nik Baker Interview... World windsurfing Champion and general all round nice guy! He's been there and got the T-Shirt!

Posted on: 05 Mar

Our best Finance offer is back! 0% Finance over a whopping 36 Months with only a 1% Deposit! There is never been a better to to buy with Finance!

Posted on: 15 Feb

Beanie or balaclavas... We’re not talking about robbing a bank! It’s all in aid of losing less heat from your head - especially if you're thinning on top like me! It can make the difference between a cold session or a VERY cold session!

Posted on: 09 Feb

The Duotone Click Bar 2019... To click or not to click... We'd say CLICK! It's been proven, tested and refined over the past years - Bringing to you the latest advances in Kite control bar technology.

Posted on: 08 Feb

Gloves…. A necessary evil for this time of year! We have yet to find a customer that enjoys wearing them! But you can make the experience slightly less painful (Wrist crampy) by choosing the correct glove for your sport!

Posted on: 30 Jan

Tis that time of year again were we eat & drink a little to much and get to play with our new toys... So please see our opening times over the festive period.

Posted on: 12 Dec

To Fireball or not to Fireball?... The H20 Team have put together a page with all the Cabrinha bar technology information you'll need to know to hopefully answer the question...

Posted on: 11 Dec

With Black Friday round the corner, take advantage of our exclusive and ONLY early bird Finance lead offer!

Posted on: 06 Nov

The Fusion of Durability and Lightness

Posted on: 15 Oct

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