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Very happy with my purchase

Have to say the team at H20 talked me through lots of options on inflatable boards... From cheaper ones to the more expensive ones and clearly explained the differences between them... Very happy with my final choice and highly recommend them... There is nothing they don;t know (or can't find out)

John Knowls

Amazing kite Personally ride it my self!

Hand on heart - The New Duotone Four line Rebel has the most wind range out of any kite I've ever tried (Perfect for the UK changing winds) Huge hang time and now for 2019 an adjustment in the central panels means it got even more lift and flat than ever before

James Mekin-Hewitt

Amazing board

Finally manage to get some wind at the weekend so at last able to review the Board. This is what I put on Duo`s Facebook Reviews: Had 3 sessions on my new Duo Freeride 129, great fun, clocked over 27 mph on 2 days at Poole Harbour. The Duo seemed fast, faster than most, planes early, cuts through chop well, easy to sail, once I had moved the straps forward and the mast back. It took me a while to crack the jybe but this could be my inexperience on a board this size. See my video on YouTube Steve Waters Duo I bought this board because I wanted something around 130l which would fit in my motorhome, so thankyou Duo and H20 in Poole who supplied the board. Lynn took this Video A lot of interest from people, told them I bought it from you guys.

Steve Waters

Love my board...

Love this board... Super stiff, very light and great for the whole family... Used it in small waves in cornwall and it actually surfs pretty well...

Dave Johnson

Cracking board

Was between a Red and Fanatic - But having the ability to rig a sail on it with a glass fin for a bit extra made my decision for me.... Love the ability to paddle in the flat and windsup in the breeze... Highly recommend this board... I've also added the Drift stopper and use it with the Arrows Irig... Perfect accessories

Pete Real

Love this sail

Perfect for exploring with your SUP... Fits in the same bag and is the best thing in the world... Beats paddling in the wind

John Hibard

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