Team Riders


Jonathan Vaughan

Sponsors - Fanatic
Favourite kit - Fanatic Tri Wave

Jonathan Vaughn (AKA The Rapter) Jon has been a long standing friend and supporting team rider for many years with H20 Sports. A die hard windsurfer since the start. Jon's favorite sports are K-Bay and BDC but can often be found sneaking off West Country.


Sponsors - North / Fanatic / Ion / K66.
Favourite kit - Falcon 142ltr, Warp 7.8mtr

Tim's passion is racing and being based in Poole you'll see him at his favourite practice spot Hamworthy Park. Tim has been riding North and Fanatic for as long as we can remember and helping Nik Baker and the team out on National demo days and events across the country.


Sponsors - North / Fanatic / Ion.
Favourite kit - Freewave 95ltr, Any size Hero!

Biological trainer person type thing (none of us understand what he actually does) And Professional photographer for profession leaves Roger lots of water time. Loving Kimmeridge as his local favourite spot, Roger loves the waves.


Sponsors - Naish / Pro-Limit.
Favourite kit - $item.FavouriteKit

Teacher by day semi pro windsurfer by weekend. Big Nick (he's very tall) is a strong powerful racer come wave / freestyle windsurfer. Nick has been a long standing member of the H20 team riding Naish windsurfing gear. Nick's favourite sports are Avon and Kimmeridge. Nick competes on the BSA slalom tour.

Graham Jones

Sponsors - Pryde, JP
Favourite kit - JP, Neil Pryde, RRD

Graham works in the engineering industry and can often be found sailing at Kimmeridge, rigging at daybreak for a sneaky pre-work session. He is especially fond of broad bench, winter swells and cross-offshore winds. His dislikes are high tides, wind-shadows and cliffs. Graham is one of Concept Sails' more regular customers and keeps a shoal of grey mullet in his spare bedroom!


Sponsors - Fanatic / North / ION
Favourite kit - $item.FavouriteKit

Kyle Gould Joins the H20 Sports Team! Kyle has had a strong love of windsurfing since the age of nine, he’s out on the water every chance he gets. He’s either at Evening hill, Hamworthy or Baiter and has even be seen adventuring out off Branksome a few times. Kyle is looking to make a stir on the UK slalom tour in the next few years and hopes to one day make it on too the PWA.


Sponsors - Fanatic, North, ION
Favourite kit - Freewave 95 Ice 5.3

Tom is addicted to windsurfing and having recently ventured to out to Maui and sailed the ledged that is Hookipa his passion now lies in the waves! Tom’s recently hit the Slalom scene and enjoys pushing his Fanatic Ray to the limit with his favourite playground being Poole Harbour. His ambition is to sail Jaws!


Sponsors - Fanatic / North / Ion
Favourite kit - Skate 99ltr, Idol 5.3mtr

The up and coming young gun freestyler! Based near Christchurch harbour Josh is out when ever the wind blows practicing the very latest spins, slides, hops etc... You name it Josh has already got it nailed or bet your bottom dollar he will have soon. Josh competes in the uk freestyle tour


Sponsors - Simmer International
Favourite kit - Simmer Back Tip 4.2 & Simmer Quantum 85Ltr

Rich has been windsurfing since he could walk... Instructing, coaching and now a Simmer International Team Rider with H20 Sports. Rich runs Concept Sails – The UK’s premier kite and windsurf sail repair center based at H20 Sports. Rich spends most of his time at his favorite local wave sport Kimmeridge and practicing freestyle in Poole harbour. Rich has been Rider Simmer more many years and has seen the brand develop into one of the most popular brands in the country. Rich travels a lot in the winter keeping his skills in order but for the majority can be found loitering in the Shop.


Sponsors - North / Fanatic / ION
Favourite kit - Fanatic Free Wave Textreme / North Hero Sail

Giles Thornton comes on board with Team H20 Sports for 2014 Powered through Fanatic And North Windsurfing. Giles can often be found ripping it from Brighton, through Hayling Island to Poole and Kimmeridge. Loving the stronger winds and challenging condition, Giles favours the four batten sails and multi fin boards, splashing out with the new Fanatic Textreme's and Tri Wave.



Sponsors - North, ION
Favourite kit - any Size Evo, Solei 132

Jo is a personal trainer and sports massager... Running "Fit2you" Jo keeps us all in shape during the off season and maintains our fitness levels and aids recovery from injury the rest of the time. Jo loves the waves having visited most places on the globe she is a wealth of experience.


Sponsors - North Kite Boarding
Favourite kit - Wam 5'10 / Dice

Matt is a personal Fitness trainer based in Poole lends his hand at a high level to all extreme sports... Surfing, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, cycling but a shining passion for kitesuring in the waves. Matt’s surfing background shows through in his smooth and powerful riding style. Matt can mainly be found shredding beach side around the Bournemouth area although for November he’ll be in Barbados getting in some much needed Warm weather kiting on his new toys from North Kite boarding

Matt Griffiths

Sponsors - North / ION
Favourite kit - Dice & Wam

Matt helped build our new shop with side kick Oli and are local to Poole. Both Oli and Matt love the waves and can often be found in the west country chasing swell. Matt rides the North Wam strapless and is powered by the North Dice...


Sponsors - North / ION
Favourite kit - Vegas / Hadlow Pro / WakeStyle Bar

Darryl and His Wife Nicoll Roff join us on North Kiteboarding this year... Darrly had been kiting since the dawn of time and enjoys the C-Shape kites - Hence, he loves the Vegas! Darryl along with his full time job works our amazing kite School Easyriders, so most of you will know his face ;-) Look out for Darrly ripping on a beach near you!

Hamish Macpherson

Sponsors - F-One, O'Neill
Favourite kit - Mitu Strapless Kitesurfing Board

Hamish is by far the god father of Kitesurfing... From a windsurfing background, Hamish now loves going MASSIVE on a kite! And shredding in the waves on his strapless F-One Mitu. Hamish is also a Personal Fitness trainer and keeps us all in shape. He comes highly recommended with more years experience and expertise than most! His cards are at the shop, but give us a call & we'll put you in touch!

Ollie Kolodziejski

Sponsors - F-One, O'Neill
Favourite kit - Bandit 7 7Mtr, Mitu Strapless

Olli has been part of the team for many years now. Carpenter by trade, Olli helped build H20 Sports… Olli used to Ski for Great Britain and has now turned his hand to Kitesurfing… Directional, strapless riding waves is his passion and can often be found driving west to Cornwall in chase of the next perfect wave.


Sponsors - North Kites, ION Accessories,
Favourite kit - North Dice 7Mtr & 137 Team Series

Currently Studying at Collage and working in the Family owned coffee shop next door to H20 Sports - Coast. Lana only just having recovered from a serious shoulder injury has secured a fantastic deal with North kite boarding and is spending any spare hour getting back up to competition standard. Lana, normally found riding in Poole Harbour on her doorstep in Poole is always bubbly and smiling and on hand to help any way she can, while developing her own skills at a rapid rate! Look out for Lana in 2014 as she returns to competition and helps North on their demo’s around the UK.


Sponsors - North Kites, ION Accessories,
Favourite kit - Nort Vegas for Freestyle & North Dice for Waves

Greg has been teaching kite surfing for the last 8 years and even though he now work’s as a pilot flying to kite surfing spots all over Europe! He can still be found on the odd summer’s day helping out teaching in the harbour. During Greg’s time he’s taught in many places around the world and was president of the kite surfing club whilst in Cardiff University. Nowadays Grweg is loving the strapless surfing whilst still trying to push his freestyle. Greg’s favorite spot to kite in the world is at Uruau in Brazil although sometimes he still loves Poole Working on a perfect day! Greg is loving his new North Vegas 10mtr for Freestyle and has recently added the North Dice for his waves in to his quiver!



Sponsors - Us, O'Brien
Favourite kit - Player 137, Plan B

After traveling the world and spending a lot of time running a wakeboarding school in the Maldives - Jamie is an exceptional wake boarder and instructor... There isn't much Jamie doesn't know about this sport.


Sponsors - Liquid Force Wake Boards
Favourite kit - $item.FavouriteKit

Scotty, as he’s known by everyone is an astonishing cable rider – Having trained as a pilot aboard in the states, most of his spare time was spend ripping it up on the Cable. Scotty can be found up at the New Forest water park most evenings.



Sponsors - JP Australia
Favourite kit - JP Australia Race 14ft 24.5

Tim has a solid all-round Watersports background in windsurfing (freestyle/wave sailing) and surfing... In the last few years SUP has become a massive part of his water time. Tim’s SUP has evolved from initially just a way to get out on the water in flat spells to Racing, SUP surfing and Down winding. Tim is currently the Round Brownsea Island champion and uses SUP as a fantastic crossover water sport to keep fit and improve base skills for all water sports. Friendly and very humble, Tim is always keen to help and has a huge motivation towards all Watersports


Sponsors - JP Australia
Favourite kit - JP All Water Race

If Paul's ability in paddleboarding ever matches his passion he''ll be world champion! Paul is also the Dorset area Rep for Surfers Against Sewage and Paul's very passionate about enjoying and protecting our playground. Paul uses race training as his gym, as its a great all body workout. He also takes part in races and social paddles, either around poole harbour, along the coast or in the local rivers. He recently raced at the olympic rowing venue, Eton Dorney as part of the BSUPA National Club championship.


Sponsors - Fanatic
Favourite kit - Fanatic 14’ carbon race board

Kaz has been paddling for 4 years recreationally but it was a surf trip to Jersey with her local SUP club in the spring of 2013 that inspired her to start racing. She bought her first race board, a Fanatic 14’ carbon race board in the summer of 2013. The board did her proud in her first season, taking her to a 3rd place in the national club championships event at Eton Dorney- the olympic rowing venue from 2012. She is continuing her racing and training throughout the winter, entering the local ’frostbite’ race series. Being a mum, Kaz appreciates the peace and tranquility that paddle boarding gives her.

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