At H20 Sports, we stock a range of Fanatic windsurfing and Paddle Boarding gear to include a choice of windsurf boards, windsurf sails and masts and booms from all the best brands.

An extreme water sports derived from sailing… Fun, exciting and relatively easy to learn the basics in light winds, however progression into the modern televised sport todays takes a bit more practice

Have any questions while choosing your windsurfing equipment? Or need advice on windsurfing care? Give us a call and we’ll talk you through the options with a windsurf guide and choose which windsurfing equipment will best suit your needs.

At H20 sports we offer lessons for all abilities. Poole harbour where our store is based is the ideal place to windsurf no matter what your level... Local to H20 Sports we have the safe shallow waters of Poole harbour perfect and safe for learning, then the whole sandy bay from Poole to Bournemouth for the more advanced windsurfers.

Firstly you’ll need a windsurfing board (Fanatic, RRD, Naish, Simmer, Bic) and a windsurfing sail (North, Fanatic Ride, Simmer, Naish, Ezzy, RRD) To Rig your sail you’ll then need a windsurfing mast (North, Black label, Chinook, Simmer, RRD, Pro Limit) and windsurfing boom (north, Chinook, Simmer, Mystic, Pro Limit) Then a UJ and mast foot to connect it all together.

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