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Kitesurfing Boards... Twin tips are still the go to kitesurfing board, easiest to master, quickest to learn on and the fastest route to getting air time! The north Gonzales is a great package board to get you going, but if the budget allows, spend a bit more and upgrade to the North X-Ride - its designed to be a hot knife throw butter and makes riding in chop on the south coast a piece of cake... Flex tips and a sturdy middle means you'll carry more speed and have the smoothest ride on the planet! More customers are heading straight to the waves and our new packages with surfboards reflects this... A trickier but rewarding learning curve and the fastest way to get shredding in the surf!

H20 sports have made life easy and hand picked the best packages from the leading kitesurfing brands...  With huge savings you can purchase the best kite or quiver of kites with our 0% finance cheaper than going a club or renting! Use our kitesurfing style filter to choose your aspirational aspect of kiting and the most suited kite for your individual needs. 

We're open in our Poole Kitesurfing store at 91 Salterns road, Poole Dorset, BH14 8BL seven days a week! Pop in, give us a call and chat to the kitesurfing experts that specialize in North Kites, Cabrinha Kites and F-One kiteboarding gear.

Best board for beginners..

The best kitesurfing board for beginners learning to kitesurf is one that is stable, easy to control, and forgiving in terms of mistakes. Here are some types of boards that are well-suited for beginner kite surfers:

  1. Twin-tip board: A twin-tip board is a symmetrical board that is easy to ride and offers good control. It's a versatile board that can be used for a variety of kitesurfing styles, from freestyle to freeride. A great example would be a Duotone Select Kite Board
  2. Directional board: A directional board is a board that is designed to ride in one direction, similar to a surfboard. They are great for wave riding and offer a smooth, stable ride. More often than not you'll progress onto this type of board from a twin tip... 
  3. Foil board: A foil board is a board with a hydrofoil attached to the bottom. They allow you to ride above the water and offer a smooth, stable ride. Foil boards can be more challenging to ride, but they offer a unique and exhilarating kitesurfing experience. Once you've mastered twin tips and surf boards, the foil boards are the next sept to exploring and open up the light wind range for you gear. 

When choosing a kitesurfing board, it's important to consider your individual skill level, your body weight, and the wind conditions in which you'll be kitesurfing. It's also important to invest in quality equipment and take lessons from a certified kitesurfing instructor to ensure that you are using the equipment safely and correctly.

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