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Kitesurfing is still the very latest Extreme water sports craze that's sweeping across the world… Kite surfing is easy to learn, (Check out our Kitesurfing Lessons Here!) compact to travel and store and offers the biggest bang for your buck! Taking the design of kites to a new level, pulling designs from paragliding, traction kiting and parachuting the modern day kite can propel you into the air twenty - thirty feet and land you softly down on the water for another go!

To get started you’ll need some kitesurfing lessons so check out our Kite School Easyriders Kiteboarding, based next to us they are the UK’s Premier kite school. Once you’ve got to grips with this fantastic sports you’ll need some gear, Check out our kitesurfing packages page for the best deal on the very latest Kitesurfing Kite, Kite Boards, Kite Control Bar and of course a wetsuit and Harness.

Have any questions while choosing your kitesurfing equipment? Or need advice on kitsurfing care? Give us a call and we’ll talk you through the options with a kitesurf guide and choose which kitesurfing equipment will best suit your needs.

We also offer a huge range of second hand and used kitesurfing gear and clearance kitesurfing gear to help some a few pounds... We're open seven days a week and are always happy to help any way we can with demo's, advice and lessons. H20 Sports Ltd based in Poole, Stock Kite surfing Kites from North Kites, F-One Kites, Naish Kites, Core Kites, Ozone Kites And Cabrinha Kites

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