Dog Owners Listen up!

Do you own a dog! Then listen up… The RNLI also saves dogs. So don’t add to the problem if your dog gets into difficulty, call the RNLI  / Coast Guard (999)  And they will respond to dogs in trouble too… Or better yet, if you and your dog are not confident in the water or even if you are! Grab them a life jacket too! CLICK HERE to view our favorite dog life jackets.

There are several compelling reasons why you should consider getting a life vest for your dog, especially if they spend time near or in the water. Here are some reasons to consider:

  1. Safety in the water: Just like humans, dogs can face risks when in the water, including currents, unexpected waves, or fatigue. A life vest provides buoyancy and helps keep your dog afloat, reducing the risk of drowning or exhaustion.

  2. Enhanced visibility: Life vests for dogs often come in bright colors with reflective strips, making your dog more visible in the water. This is especially important in low-light conditions or when there are other watercraft around, increasing the chances of your dog being seen and avoiding accidents.

  3. Water confidence and support: Some dogs may be hesitant or anxious in the water, especially if they are inexperienced swimmers. A life vest can provide additional support and reassurance, helping them gain confidence and enjoy water activities.

  4. Water activities and boating: If you frequently take your dog boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, or engaging in other water activities, a life vest is essential. It ensures their safety and provides peace of mind, especially if they accidentally fall overboard or encounter rough water conditions.

  5. Senior dogs or those with mobility issues: Older dogs or those with mobility challenges may find it more difficult to swim or stay afloat for extended periods. A life vest can provide them with the extra support and assistance they need, enabling them to safely enjoy water activities without straining themselves.

  6. Emergency situations: In case of an emergency or unexpected incident, such as your dog falling into deep water or encountering a strong current, a life vest can buy you valuable time to react and retrieve your dog safely.

  7. Water sports and training: If you engage in water sports like dock jumping, retrieving, or training exercises that involve swimming, a life vest can aid your dog's performance, prevent fatigue, and protect them from injuries.

  8. Travel and unfamiliar environments: When visiting new locations with unfamiliar bodies of water, it's always a good idea to prioritize your dog's safety. A life vest can provide added security and peace of mind, allowing your dog to explore and enjoy new surroundings without unnecessary risks.

Remember, when choosing a life vest for your dog, ensure it fits properly, is designed for their size and breed, and meets safety standards. Always supervise your dog closely when they are in or around water, even with a life vest on.


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