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Concept Blue products are our next step towards a better future and an additional element in our Save Our Playgrounds campaign. Our R&D Team is dedicated to design products with the latest materials that have the least environmental impact available on the market. To help protect our playgrounds, we are committed to examine what we are already doing while continuing to explore what can be done in the near future and decades ahead. A sustainable ethos drives everything we do, from selecting and sourcing raw materials for our products to the manufacturing process and the lifecycle of everything we create. Concept Blue is the next chapte

The Duotone apparel collection is truly unique because of its use of undyed organic cotton in several models of the Concept Blue range. Undyed organic cotton is simply organic cotton that has not been dyed or treated with any chemicals or coloring agents. This natural, unprocessed cotton has a number of advantages over its dyed counterparts.

Firstly, undyed cotton is much better for the environment. The dyeing and finishing processes used in traditional textile manufacturing can be incredibly harmful, releasing toxic chemicals and pollutants into the air and water. By using undyed cotton, the Duotone collection is able to reduce its environmental impact and help protect the planet. Secondly, undyed cotton is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. Unlike dyed cotton, which can sometimes feel stiff or rough, undyed cotton is free from any harsh chemicals or treatments, making it gentle on the skin. Moreover, because it has not been subjected to any harsh dyeing processes, undyed cotton is less likely to irritate sensitive skin. Finally, undyed cotton has a natural, earthy look that is perfect for the minimalist, understated aesthetic of the Duotone.

For Example of these Concept Blue Products - Check out the links below - No difference in price from the standard models - Just better for our playground! 

Slick Foil Wing Concept Blue 2024 


Neo Kitesurfing Kite Concept Blue 2024


Evo Kitesurfing Kite Concept 2024



Moreover, Concept Blue prioritizes the use of recycled plastic in the manufacturing of most plastic parts, with a minimum of 50% post-industrial recycled material incorporated. This initiative not only contributes to reducing plastic waste but also supports a circular economy by repurposing existing materials.


Our wings embody the core principles of Concept Blue further more by using a bio-based bladder. The bio-based bladder not only reduces carbon footprint by up to 29% but also boasts a remarkable 57% bio-based carbon content, aligning with sustainable practices and measurements.


Key ingredients of Concept Blue in wings include undyed canopy and dacron showcasing the natural color of untainted materials. Please note undyed wings are not simply white wings. By not dying the fabrics, a significant amount of water can be saved during the process!

Concept Blue by Duotone Wing & Foiling is a testament to the brand's dedication to sustainability and innovation and takes the next step now in wing design.

By integrating environmental-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, Concept Blue ensures the same performance, but also promotes a more sustainable future for the sport of Wing Foiling. With Concept Blue, Duotone Wing & Foiling is leading the way towards a greener, more environmentally conscious approach to wing design and manufacturing.

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