Duotone Foil Guide


Duotone are the market leaders in fast growning world of Wing Foiling and offer a comprehensive range of both front foil wings and rear stabs...  Whether it's for Wing Foiling, Prone, Pump Foiling, SUP Foiling, Kite Foiling, or Wind Foiling... Duotone's range will have something thats perfect for you. Combined with a range of both alloy and carbon mast and fuselages, you can build the perfect set for you sport or multi sports... Check out our quick guide below to set your expectations and then use the comprehensive guide below to fine tune your perfect setup...  



FREERIDE / WINDSURF Sizes 800, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000 / BEST PAIRING 800/216, 1000/216, 1250/250, 1500/250, 1750/250, 2000/300

The Duotone Aero Free is our jack of all trades. Its great for starting out and everything there after... It has the most options in their ranges. The Duotone Aero Free has a great shelf life and will take you from your first foiling moments to mastering the gybe and tacks... Our three new bigger sizes 1500, 1750 and 2000 are the perfect wings for beginner and intermediate riders. Their stable flight, early lift and good top speed make them the ideal wings to progress quickly. The three smaller sizes 800, 1000 and 1250 have been on the market for a year already and have established themselves as great performance allrounders. The Aero Free range sits right in the middle of the new Aero Glide and Carve 2.0 range when it comes to its glide capability and maneuverability – coming in a slightly higher aspect ratio than our new Carve 2.0 but with a different profile and outline, targeted more for a great mix of maneuverability, glide, pumping and overall ease of use. If you rocked up to a hire center and they had the Aero free Foils - You'd be happy no matter what your level or aspirations... Youre always going to have a great session on the Duotone Aero free Foils! 

The Aero Free covers all disciplines, from Wing, Prone, SUP and Windsurf Foiling. The name gives it away, this wing isn’t bound to a specific discipline, it feels at home in any water state and with every rider – whether you’re into Freeride, Freestyle, Freerace, Surf or Downwind. Coming in an aspect ratio between 6.0 for the bigger 2000 to 7.3 for the small 800cm2, these front wings will be the ones to look at, from learning the basics all the way to stepping down in size and speeding up your foiling game in a variety of conditions, from flatwater cruising to jumps, surf and downwinders. Featuring a playful outline and low drag profile that feels exciting and fast, yet still brings a lot of ease and control. There’s no conditions this wing feels out of place!

MULTI USE Covering all Foiling disciplines

PERFORMANCE Great mix of speed, manoeuvrability and glide

HANDLING Stable and lifty – easy for quick progression

SIZE SPECIFIC Fast and agile in the small sizes, easy and stable in the bigger sizes


FREERIDE / DOWNWIND / PUMP & GLIDE / Sizes 725, 905, 1085, 1305, 1595, 2145 / BEST PAIRING 725/165, 905/180, 1085/200, 1305/200, 1595/220, 2145/220 

The Duotone Aero Glide range is complementing Duotone's portfolio with highly efficient high aspect designs, offering endless glide, downwind performance and pumping abilities, crossed with a lively and fun maneuverability you wouldn't expect from wings with such span. As the name suggests - the Aero Glide is made to glide for long distances effortlessly. The four smaller sizes from the fast and agile 725 to the larger 1305 were introduced in spring 2023 with an incredible response for their mix of accessible glide performance, control and maneuverability. All these Duotone Foil front wings come in aspect ratio around 9.5. With emphasis on efficiency, speed and low drag these wings like to be ridden with a slightly more active riding style that suits the level of intermediate to advanced riders. Once on flight mode, the Aero Glide wings are very intuitive to ride thanks to their predictable behavior. For 2024 Duotone have added two large siblings to the family of the Aero Glide, the 130cm wide 1595 with an AR of 10.6 and the pumping oriented 2145, with a span of 143cm and AR of 9.6.

The 1595 is the perfect match for everyone getting into downwinders. This wing will help you getting up and connect even the smallest bumps, due to its insane glide. The 1595 still has the same fast and low drag profile and overall character of the smaller Duotone Glide wings and works great for light wind winging and pumping. As a pure dock-starter wing we’ve developed the 2145 with a thicker profile and its own outline, with very low stall speed for the easiest possible dock starts and pumping experience in flatwater conditions for any level of rider.

Our mast/fuselage setup is known to be one of the strongest systems in the market and we’re proud to take this stable and predictable behavior into wings with such wide spans. All Glide wings are complemented by our high-performance Stabilizer P in 165, 180, 200 and the new 220 for the largest additions of the Glide range. Whether you're into downwind runs, pumping, connecting waves when prone foiling or just like a fast and effortless sensation with low drag and high efficiency, when winging or Windsurf Foiling - you should have a go on the Aero Glide.

PERFORMANCE Incredibly accessible glide performance

SIZE SPECIFIC Fast & agile in smaller sizes, lifty and emphasis on Pump & Downwind in larger sizes

EASY GLIDE Low drag and slippery

TURNING ABILITIES Good and direct turning response for wings of such span

NEW 1595 New 1595 with focus on easiest possible entry into downwind foiling (AR 10.6)

NEW 2145 New 2145 with focus on easiest possible dock starts and pumping efficiency (special profile and outline)


SURF / FREESTYLE / KITE / Sizes 850, 1100, 1430 / BEST PAIRING  850/180, 1100/200, 1430/200

The Duotone Aero Carve 2.0 is the go-to wing if you want to tackle “real waves”. What it sacrifices in terms of glide compared to the Free or the Glide, it makes up with higher top end speed and way more maneuverability on the wave face. The Duotone Aero Carve 2.0 is also the preferred choice of our freestyle team competing on the world tour. These wings allow them to load up for their jumps with more speed which translates into a more explosive pop. The medium aspect ratio also means that the hard landings are a lot less stressful for the rest of their gear. This same medium aspect ratio is also what makes the Carve 2.0 wings a great choice for Kite Foiling. Riders can lean on their mast more aggressively without the wing tips coming out of the water. If you are an intermediate to advanced rider looking at the one wing that can do it all, from Wing Foiling in big waves to high-speed runs on the Kite Foil, the Carve 2.0 is the answer! Building on the success of our latest range of Carve wings, the design goal of the Carve 2.0 was to push the performance of these mid aspect wings even further. Our team riders wanted more glide, more speed and less drag, all whilst increasing the maneuverability and maintaining our trademark control at high speed. We decided to start from a blank page and pretty much changed all the design parameters of the wing: higher aspect ratio, new outline and curvature, new profiles and twist along the wing. Not only that but each individual size has been tuned independently to best fit its intended use. The bigger 1430 for example has the lowest aspect ratio and thinnest profile, to maximize maneuverability and reduce the drag, on the opposite side, our 850 as the highest aspect ratio and thickest profile, to improve the lift and delay the stall on such a small wing.

HANDLING Quick response for intuitive surfing and great pop for freestyle

FAST AND EASY Fast and minimal drag - optimized for each individual size

IMPROVEMENT Improved pump & glide over previous Carve range


PERFORMANCE SURF / FREESTYLE / KITE /  Sizes 500, 650, 850, 1100 / BEST PAIRING 500/165, 650/165, 850/180, 1100/200

The Duotone Carve 2.0 D/LAB, same as the SLS variant, are quite different to our previous Carve range. They feel a lot less draggy and way looser in terms of roll, allowing the rider to do heel side to toe side turns way more naturally. The top end speed has also been increased thanks to a thinner profile towards the wing tips and the higher aspect ratio allows the Carve 2.0 D/LAB to glide and pump much better than its predecessor. The Carve 2.0 D/LAB range is based on our new Carve 2.0 SLS range but with a few little tweaks. Compared to the SLS range, the aspect ratio is slightly lower and the profile a bit thinner and faster, to allow these wings to be pushed to higher speeds, whether it is going down fast waves, throwing the most technical Freestyle tricks or even using them for Wing Foil or Kite Foil racing. The D/LAB range also introduces two smaller sizes, the 650 and 500, but doesn’t include the bigger 1430 found in the SLS range. Two carbon tail options in 37cm and 43cm – respectively matching the lengths of our 60cm and 66cm AL 3BS fuselages – complete the D/LAB glider for either a loose and playful character, or higher control at top speeds. If you want the ultimate performance, the Carve 2.0 D/LAB is the choice for any advanced to top level riders!

FAST AND EASY Fast and minimal drag - optimized for each individual size

LIGHTWEIGHT Lowest weight for high performance riding and jumps

HANDLING Immediate response for intuitive surfing and maximum pop for freestyle

IMPROVEMENT Improved pump & glide over previous Carve range

SIZE SPECIFIC Gradually increased control on small sizes and playfulness on larger sizes


ENTRY Size 2400 / BEST PAIRING 2400/300

The Duotone Aero Lift wing is designed for the easiest access to the sensation of flying above the water with a foil - regardless of previous watersports experience, or your size or weight. A must have wing for schools as well as any beginner riders wanting to make their progression as easy as possible. Passive take-offs and stable flights are the qualities we had in mind when designing the Aero Lift 2400, our ultimate flight guarantee for every entry level rider. With 110cm of span, a wider chord and a profile with a higher lift, the wing takes off at lowest speeds and just keeps flying through wind holes and all your early maneuvers. Incredible stability guarantees a quick learning curve, yet the impressive speed and glide for a wing of that size will let you enjoy the Aero Lift for much longer than just the first few sessions. It’s a wing you’ll keep in your quiver for the light days and for anyone else you’re going to hook up with your new passion. The wing tips are rounded, designed with safety in mind. The Aero Lift 2400 is designed with our 300cm back wing and the wings are best matched with our 74/76cm fuselages for the ultimate lift and flying stability.

EASE OF USE Superb stability and ease of use – ideal for learners and heavier riders

RANGE OF USE Gets up in under 10 knots, flies through 5-6 knots patches with ease

HANDLING Surprisingly fun also for those riders improving with good speed and turning potential


Performance Sizes, 165, 180, 200, 220

Our latest range of stabilizers, specially designed to complement our Carve 2.0 and Glide ranges. The P series stands for performance! We increased the aspect ratio of the stabilizers so that they would produce more lift whilst being smaller in surface area. Doing so helped us decreasing the drag and increasing the maneuverability without loosing that high speed control which our foils are famous for. The P Stabilizers are available in four sizes, 165/180/200/220. Each of them slightly tweaked to work perfectly with our new front wings. These new stabs are almost completely flat and have lost the little winglets which can be found on our other range: the C Stabilizers. By making these changes we were able to loosen the feel in the turns, which gives an exciting flavor to our new front wings. Take full advantage of our brand new thin shims and tweak the angle of attack of your stabilizer by +/- 0.3 degrees increments, to suit your particular riding style, or the conditions on a given day.


Control Sizes, 216, 250, 300

Our range of Stabilizer C have been working flawlessly in combination with all our front wings for the last few years. They are what one could call a “traditional” approach, medium aspect ratio, flat in the center and going into a subtle winglet towards the wingtip. A well tested and proven design which works great with our Aero Free SLS and Aero Lift SLS front wings. The C-Series stands for control. They are all about keeping the rider on its trajectory and keeping the pitch in check. Even though they are great at maintaining a stable flight, they are still loose enough to allow for smooth turns and return great feedback in the waves. Take full advantage of our brand new thin shims and tweak the angle of attack of your stabilizer by +/- 0.3 degrees increments, to suit your particular riding style or the conditions on a given day.

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