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Fanatic Fly Air Paddle Boards 2022… Here at H20 Sports we love them! Two colours, three sizes in the Fly Air round nose shape (Two in the Touring Models – see the Ray Air) The Fanatic Fly Air inflatable Paddle Board is the perfect all round family board designed to take you from your first paddle to everything thereafter. The construction is top notch using their proven Drop Stitch Light technology incorporating a V-Drop stitch core, with a double PVC layer on the rail providing a stable, sturdy rigid feeling board that is very light weight to handle on and off the water and very, very competitively priced…


The Fly Air is the all-round inflatable SUP that everyone can enjoy. Our easy and stable all-rounder is the perfect solution if you are looking for a classic board that can perform in everything from flatwater to small waves.  Highly portable, strong, stiff and durable, the Fly Air is the convenient answer to limited storage, city life and travelers' demands. With a great mix of glide, stability and all terrain versatility, the all-round outline and generous volume cater for those looking for an easy ride; while the side fins give great bite when riding small waves.

When purchased as a package (select from our drop down menu) it will come with a £85 three piece 15% Carbon Paddle with a durable nylon blade and a £29 heavy duty Fanatic Coiled leash. For only an additional £30…

The Fanatic Carry case, pump and repair kit is included in both “Board Only” And the Package as standard!

The Fanatic Carry Case is the heavy duty Fanatic Pure back pack with comfy straps and padding… No wheels though, so light to carry. The pump is the tall HP 8 Fanatic Double action pump, Pumping both up and down to quickly fill the board with air and then your able to switch so your just pumping on the easier downward stroke as the pressure increases – meaning anyone big or small, strong or weak can inflate these boards to the correct pressure with ease…


Performance wise, designed with straighter rails from nose to tail, the glide on these boards is superior meaning paddling in a straight line is easy and efficient. The full diamond deck pad feels super comfy under foot or kneeling, the deck net allows storage of dry bags at the front of the board with high quality towing eyelets for safety and a sturdy carrying handle for on and off the water… For the price point – these boards knock the socks of competitive brands...

Size wise on the Fanatic Fly Air Inflatable paddle boards they come in three different size 

The Fanatic FLY AIR 9'8" is Ideal for kids, Juniors and Lighter Adults up to 85Kgs with 213 Litres of volume its still floaty, but its shorter length of 9'8 allows smaller, lighter paddlers to control it easier and its thinner profile / thickness of 4.5" means its less affected by any wind or breeze with a lighter paddler controlling it.

The Fanatic FLY AIR 10'4"  is still our Best Seller size for Adults, Big Kids and the whole Family. Up to & Including riders of 95kgs. Boosting more volume with its longer length of 10.4 and slightly wider width of 33" means it the go to for nearly everyone... 

The Fanatic FLY AIR 10'8"  is the biggest Fly Air model, Wider, More volume and super stable. Ideal for riders up to 105kgs Or if your considering a small passenger (Child or Dog) Its extra width of 34" wide means its a big stable platform ideal for heavier riders.

Take a deep look on the link below of the Fanatic Fly Air Paddle Board Range

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