H20 Sports 2023 Foil Wing Demo… Debrief!

H20 Sports 2023 Foil Wing Demo… Debrief!


Hope you all had a great time at our Demo / Taster day on Sunday… We certainly enjoyed introducing you to our world of Watersports and winging…  It was a little more exciting for the afternoon groups as the wind filled in! But a great day to kick off our season… Our local resident Roger Turner took a heap of photos which are now on our Face Book page below… Give it a tag if you can sport yourself!  Link below

(5) h2o sports | Facebook

Off the back of Sunday we’re now offering a slightly longer session, for those of you that mentioned you’d be really interested in getting to grips with winging and look at getting a setup of gear after a second crack at it… We’ll run another session on Tuesday 23rd May 10-2pm with limited places based on a first come first serve basis!

To book! Simply reply to this email with your full name and we’ll book you in and keep in contact with you once again nearer the time based on the forecast… Some pics below...

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