Red Paddle Co Summer Sale...


Get on board and save 10% Off all our Red Paddle Co Inflatable Sup Boards while stock last! It's not often Red Paddle do a Sale...  But when they do... Its big! Save another 10% of there complete ready to Ride packages and get pumped up on the beach once summer returns! 



More about Red Paddle Co and why they are the market leaders in Inflatable paddleboard design...

  1. Inflatable SUP pioneers: Red Paddle Co is considered one of the pioneers in the inflatable SUP market. They played a significant role in popularizing inflatable paddleboards and revolutionized the industry by creating durable, stable, and high-performance inflatable boards.

  2. High-quality construction: Red Paddle Co is known for its commitment to using premium materials and advanced construction techniques in their products. Their boards are often made from military-grade PVC with reinforced drop-stitch technology, providing strength, rigidity, and longevity.

  3. Versatile product range: Red Paddle Co offers a diverse range of inflatable paddleboards suitable for various skill levels, paddling styles, and conditions. From all-around boards for beginners to specialized boards for racing, surfing, touring, and yoga, they have options to suit every paddler's needs.

  4. Innovation and design: The brand is continuously innovating and refining its board designs to improve performance and user experience. They focus on creating boards that are stable, easy to use, and perform well in various water conditions.

  5. Portability and convenience: One of the main advantages of inflatable paddleboards is their portability. Red Paddle Co's boards can be deflated, rolled up, and packed into a compact backpack, making them easy to transport and store, especially for those with limited space.

  6. Commitment to sustainability: Red Paddle Co is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainability. They have initiatives to minimize waste, use eco-friendly materials when possible, and actively support environmental organizations.

  7. Global presence: Red Paddle Co has a significant international presence and distributes its products to many countries around the world. They have established a strong network of dealers and retailers to ensure their products are easily accessible to customers.

  8. Customer support: The brand is known for its excellent customer service and support. They offer warranties on their products and are responsive to customer inquiries and concerns.

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