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The Duotone Click Bar will change the way you kite! Instant de-power at the "Click" of a button... Hassle free And compatible with every known kite brand (Your able to change the split on the front lines in seconds)... Change the wave you wave ride with instance power control at your finger tips!  Now in two bar sizes with four line lengths... Duotone - that little bit extra! 

The Duotone Kiteboarding Clickbar 2019– it's new, it's the biggest innovation in kitesurfing in the last couple of years, it's THE GAMECHANGER! Duotone Click Bar 2019 comes as a four line control bar, compatible with past and present North Kites or Duotone Kitews... For 2019 you have the choice of two bar sizes and four line lengths - Either Small bar (Replacement for the wakestyle bar) with 20-22mtr lines or the Medium Bar (same as last years) with 22-24mtr lines - both come rigged with 2mtr line extenders to choose from and four chicken loop variations... Plus bolt on a 5th line attachment if required or the Hadlow 6 line attachment for the Vegas (small bar only).. One bar, does it all from Duotone... Available from H20 Sports with Free Next Day Shipping on all orders received by 3pm Plus 0% Interest Free Finance


With the Duotone Click Bar, Powering and de-powering your kite has never been easier. The unique Trim Unit enables you to power and de-power in precise steps at the flick of a switch. To power your kite, turn the Winder of the Trim Unit clockwise – this shortens the length of your back lines with every half turn. To de-power, simply push the button in the middle of the Winder and your back lines will lengthen again with every click. At any time the level of power/de-power is visible on the Power Display on the bar, as well as on a neon orange mark above the right floater. Being placed on the right side of the bar, the Trim Unit is easily accessible offering to power and de-power intuitively in any situation – be it dropping into a massive wave or during an enormous mega loop. To reach optimum safety the Clickbar is equipped with the Iron Heart V, ensuring a quick and reliable safety release. Furthermore lines, even the guided safety line, are automatically untwisted during rotations. Delivered with a 4 line set up and adjustable to 22 m or 24 m line length, the Clickbar is the cleanest system on the market. Also available is a 5th Element Upgrade Kit.

With all its unique features, the Click bar delivers a completely new experience of kitesurfing. Once you try it, you'll be hooked forever!


Quad Control (comes as standard)
The established 4-line system offers a single fronline safety system. When releasing the single frontline system all the power is redirected to one single frontline, whereby the kite will flag out easily and rest powerless on the water. Moreover, the kite will remain in a position that is ideal to relaunch the kite from the water. The safety pulley is specially designed for the single frontline safety system. The Quad Control bar is the safest 4-line bar on the market, offering unrivalled control and safety release options. The Iron Heart release is unparalleled in its efficiency and ease of use and forms the core of the bar through which the other safety systems flow. This allows the rider to get things back under control quickly and easily. The Quad Control Bar is identical to the 5th Element Bar aside from the 4 lines and single front line safety setup, ensuring it is the best on the market. However, 4-line systems can only offer limited safety functions. For ultimate safety and 100% depower, riders should choose the 5-line system.

5th Element Bar (Bolt on 5th line upgrade kit)
Safety is an essential topic in a sport where you are facing the power of the elements and in some situations are totally on your own. The North patented 5th line system has provided the greatest combination of safety and performance for many years now. Year after year, the 5th line concept proves its reliability and 100% instant depower after a safety release no matter what the conditions. The system still has a commanding lead compared to other safety systems available on the market. This is why we at North Kiteboarding believe in the 5th line concept. What's more, the 5th line makes water relaunch effortless and the loaded 5th line kite designs (Vegas and Rebel) offer a very short depower stroke, giving the rider ultimate control in gusty conditions. The benefits of this set-up are obvious and appreciated by riders all over the world.

Available from H20 Sports with Fast, fee shipping and 0% Finance...


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