Kitesurfing Tuition

Kitesurfing lessons, tuition and Hire in Poole Harbour with Easyriders Kiteboarding, The UK's most elite kitesurfing school! Included in the price of your Kitesurfing lesson and tuition is all the equipment you'll need including wetsuit and buoyancy Aid and the vest latest Professional North Kitesurfing Gear! Easyriders only teach one instructor to tweo students, so you'll be in the best possible hands for your lesson...

Poole harbour is the perfect place to learn to Kitesurf and hire Kitesurfing equipment. Poole harbour is safe, and shallow making it perfect place for learning to Kitesurfing and hire. To learn to Kitesurfing and Hire Kitesurfing equipment from H20 Sports you need to make a booking on line, in store or call the Easyriders team directly on 01202 744055. Poole harbour is the perfect place to learn Kitesurfing with H20 Sports fully qualified Kitesurfing instructors. To rent or hire kitesurf gear from H20 Sports you’ll need to have completed our beginner course to have the basic understanding of kitesurfing.

Kiteboarding is a great sport! It’s fun, exhilarating, relatively inexpensive and it’s pretty darn easy to learn. That said, there is definitely a right and a wrong way to do it. Kiteboarding kites can be dangerous in the wrong hands if you don’t know what you’re doing. The first stage is to learn about kites; how they work, where they fly, how they go together, launch, land, steer etc.

Kitesurfing in Poole Harbour with Easyriders kiteboarding is the best choice for learning to ride! Of course there are lost of kite schools out there... But Easyriders are quite simply a cut above the rest... Start of the art North Equipment! One instructor to two customers, Open seven days a week! Once of the first schools in the UK! 

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Kitesurfing Tuition

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