Wetsuit Buying Guide

Wetsuit Buying Guide and expert advice on buying your first or next wetsuit. Our Wetsuit Buying Guide breaks down the most common questions and mistakes to ensure your next wetsuit purchase gets you exactly the right suit for your needs and budget! 

Wetsuit design... Different sports require different types and designs of suits to best suit the activities. Full suits to short sleeve and thee quarter leg models. We've done all the hard work and categorised the wetsuits from our leading brands into style to make your choice easy... Simply choose the sport your doing and the most suitable suits will pop up! More and more suits are front (also called chest zips) these days as they offer a better seal around the neck preventing water flushing through and keeping you warmer... Going against the myths - they are not really any harder to get in or out of... Again we still stock a good range of back zips suits... But we'd highly recommend try a front zip for your next suit...

Wetsuit thickness... From the classic 5x4mm winter wetsuit to the latest and greatest performance 2mm summer suits... And everything in between... 3x2mm all-round summer suits to the one suit that can nearly do it all like the 4x3mm. 

Wetsuit Boots... From summer shoes to toasty warm winter boots! Majority of our boots are split toe as they offer superior performance and prevent your foot from rolling... We still stock a decent range of round toe boots as split toe are not liked by everyone. 

Wetsuit Gloves... From palm less mittens to performance surf gloves... H20 sports stocks the leading brands at the best available prices...

Wetsuit Neo Accessories... From rigging jackets to thermal vest to add warmth to thinner suits... Our favourite is the ION Neo Shelter Jacket - It's the ultimate coat for our water sport users... 

H20 Sports wetsuit store in Poole, 91 Salterns road is open seven days a week for the best selection of wetsuit from leading brands like O'Neill, ION and C-Skins. Call the wetsuit experts and let us advise you on your next wetsuit.

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