Windsurfing Sails

Windsurfing Sails From North, Neil Pryde, Simmer, RRD, Ezzy and many more Top Brands

Windsurfing sails come in many different styles depending on the type of sailing you do. For ease we put our sails in to three categories, Wave, Free ride and Race/Slalom. H2O Sports has a large select of these sail either in stock or available from our suppliers North, NeilPryde, And Simmer, 

If you’re an existing windsurfer you will know which category suits you best, if you’re new to windsurfing then the Free ride sails will be best for you like the North E-Type, Simmer Veron And Ezzy Cheetah.

Wave Sails, These will normally be sized from a 6m sail down to anything as small as a 3.7m like the Simmer Blacktip or Ezzy Elite and most often used on a windsurfing board that’s 100L or less in volume. Most of these sails use 4 to 5 battens and are built with extra strength and durability in mind. Since 2012 most of these sails are now recommending an RDM mast. Even if you not Wave sailing these sails make for an excellent high wind sail. See the North Hero as an excellent example of the latest in wave sails.

Free Ride Sails, These sails are often the perfect do it all sail sized from 7.5m to 4.5m. A free ride sail is a great place to start if purchasing your first sail. These sails are often light built to make the rig as light as possible with a softer rig setting to create a more forgiving feel. A free ride sail generally sets on an SDM mast.

Take a look at the North E-Type and also look at the complete packages to buy a mast and boom at the same time. Race/Slalom, This is the technical end of windsurfing like the Simmer 2-XC which is favoured by the speed freaks and racers on the water. With the popular sizes starting from 6m right up to 9.5m+. These sails require a lot more in terms of rigging and tuning but deliver amazing performance for speed and control. They will be a 6-7 batten sail and use 2-4 camber inducers which cup around the mast for extra rigidity. See our North Ram to understand just what these sails are about. H2O Sports has a large select of these sail either in stock or available form our suppliers North, Simmer, Ezzy, Naish and Pryde

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Windsurfing Sails

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