Windsurf Buying Guide

The ultimate Windsurf buying guides from H20 Sports. Which windsurfing gear is right for you now and will still be right for you in the future? The difference between boards, sails Masts and booms... Future proofing your windsurfing purchase from our leading brands (North, Fanatic, JP Australia, Neilpryde, RRD and Simmer)... Read on in our complete Windsurfing guide to find all the answers you need... Fast and easy! 

Windsurf Boards... Rigid of inflatable, with, or with out a centre boards? Some of the questions we get asked. Generally to progress as quickly as possible, you start on a larger board (180ltr for an average 80-90kg person) and a small sail 3.5-5.0 Mtr. Our Fanatic viper package with Ride rig is the perfect solution for entry level riders, wanting to progress fast. For the customer that uses a school or hire centre for a little longer, to master and hone their skills, jumping straight onto our Fanatic Gecko / E-Type package is easily possible. H20 Sports stock leading brands like Fanatic, JP Australia, RRD and Simmer windsurfing boards. All these brands now offer your go to all round multi fin board like a Freewave... Enabling established riders to almost have a one board solution for flat water bump and jump sailing and into the waves as well... A perfect example would be the the Fanatic Stubby Freewave in a 95 ltr -105 ltr for the average 80kg - 90kg rider. Bolting on a slightly higher volume board like the Fanatic blast or JP Australia Super Sport takes care of the lighter wind days too.

Windsurf Sails... Price points... Number of battens... A good free ride sail with plenty of wind range like the North E-Type windsurfing sail gets the majority of customers out of trouble. Brands have reduced the range of sails down as the sail design improves and covers a wider variety of use! Cam's are a thing of the past and nearly all freeride to wave sails demand a RDM mast these days. Narrow luff tubes mean more efficient sails and great performance and wind range. Taking a leading sail brand like North Windsurfing sails and breaking down for an example woiuld flow like this! If your sailing in waves 50% or more then the North Super Hero top to bottom is the go to choice... HD in the smaller sizes for a bomb proof design... Sailing in waves 25% of the time then a couple of North Super Hero's in the small sizes (Maybe) or head to the North Super Session for a great free ride, blasting, bump and jump sails that's more than capable in small to medium waves... Sticking to the flatter water then it's the E-Type for flat water performance, fun blasting... S-Type Sl and the warp are our racing sails that delivery top end race winning performance... But at a cost... More hassle to rig, deep luff tubes for water starting and require SDM mast's for the cam's to get the best performance... 

Windsurf Masts... RDM or SDM... Future proof your purchase and where possible go for a RDM... More and more sails are now designed around them... Only larger sails now specifically use SDM masts and sails with cams... So we'd advise RDM until the cow's come home... Choosing the mast brand to match your sail brand is important to get the most out of your sail... Most of our brands like North and NeilPryde use a constant curve design mast... Fewer and fewer brands use Flex tops and Hard tops these days... 

Windsurf Booms... Unless the lottery win just came in, we'd advise sticking with a good performing Alloy Boom like the North Silver or Chinook RDG Pro alloy boom... And spend the money on upgrading your mast! It makes all the difference to the performance of the sail by a long way.

H20 sports have made life easy and hand picked the best packages from the leading windsurf brands...  With huge savings you can purchase the best equipment with our 0% finance cheaper than going a club or renting! Use our windsurfing style filter to choose the most suited gear for your needs. 

We're open in our Poole windsurfing store at 91 Salterns road, Poole Dorset, BH14 8BL seven days a week! Pop in, give us a call and chat to the kitesurfing experts that specialise in North Windsurfing, Fanatic windsurfing, RRD, JP Australia, Neilpryde... 

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